The Process.

To me, creating art is creating energy. My aim is to create pieces that allow the viewer to walk away feeling invigorated and connected to themselves. 

My process always starts very free and becomes more disciplined near the end. I use off cuts of heavy-duty selvedge denim as it is a medium I know extremely well and would be destined for waste if I did not use it. I use a mixture of bleach and dyes to manipulate denim into organic textures. I try not to hold on tightly to a particular outcome in mind because it’s always the ‘mistakes’ that work out the best. I’ll experiment with many wash cycles until it just feels right and is ready to be painted on, it is a calm cycle of chaos. It is when I start to apply layers of paint with a palette knife that I like to use a more considered approach to create a sense of control within the composition.

I use the human form as my subject of choice because it is an endless source of inspiration to me.  Every arch, twist and bend are of course beautiful to me but more importantly when I connect these lines with my textures it creates a force of energy.

The more confident I get in my craft, the less need I feel to make a loud statement. Instead, I’m here to offer the viewer a moment to pause­ and to connect back to themselves in whichever way they might need.